TOP TORQUE® – The Original.

TOP TORQUE®, the liquid quantum fuel catalyst for saving fuel, CO₂ and reducing air pollutants. A revolutionary product developed through many years of research.

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A selection of customers who have improved their footprint by using TOP TORQUE®:

Reduce fuel costs

Example calculation for fleet operators:

Annual mileage per truck: ⌀ 100.000 km
Consumption per truck: ⌀ 30L/100km (30.000 liters of fuel)
Average fuel savings 8% = 2.400 liters

Diesel price: ⌀ CHF 1.70
Cost of TOP TORQUE® : CHF 30.-/1.000 liters
Savings approx. = CHF 3.250.- per truck

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Product information

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Use in HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil)

Drive HVO and save fuel with TOP TORQUE®.

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Use in biodiesel

Profit twice over by using TOP TORQUE® in biodiesel..

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Conventional fuels

Be more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient with TOP TORQUE® despite using fossil fuels.

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Diverse industries

A vast variety of industries stil requires fuel for different tasks. TOP TORQUE® gets to work in each of them.

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Information material

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