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Agriculture and forestry

Tractores, machines, etc.

All agricultural equipment that runs on fossil fuels can use TOP TORQUE®.

Agriculture is part of the non-road sector and is considered a significant source of pollutant emissions in some regions. Particulate filters have only been a requirement for new vehicles since 2020, according to the EU Stage V Regulation; old vehicles must be retrofitted.

With TOP TORQUE® farmers and foresters can not only save fuel without a usually costly additional investment, but at the same time ensure more intact flora and fauna due to the reduction in emissions and CO₂ emissions.


  • Decrease of fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by ø 7 to 10%.

  • Improvement of emission output

  • Reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂)

  • Less consumption of urea solution (e.g. AdBlue®, DEF)

  • Increasing the economic efficiency of production

  • Protection of our environment

  • Can be employed in company-owned yard tanks and or fuel pumps

  • Can be used in vehicles and machines of all brand manufacturers

  • Supportive measure for air pollution control

  • Extends the service life of engines (less sooting)

Addition of TOP TORQUE®

By means of a fully automatic dosing system or with our handy dosing bottles directly into the vehicle tank or the yard filling station. Different concentrate strengths and bottle sizes are available. Application & Dosage