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Application & Dosage

Wide range of application and fully compatible with the existing infrastructure

TOP TORQUE® can be used in all hydrocarbon-based fuels and optimizes their combustion characteristics.

  • Gasoline (Super, Super Plus, E10)
  • Diesel
  • Marine fuels (marine diesel, heavy fuel oil)
  • Biodiesel blends (up to 100%)
  • Heating oil (all types)
  • HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)

Options for adding to fuels and combustibles

Every company has different processes and requirements. We therefore offer a extensive range of products to meet the individual needs of individual industries and companies. Our solutions range from individual dosing for vehicles to large-scale tank farms and refineries.

Fully automatic dosing systems

TOP TORQUE® is added directly to the fuel during the refueling process by means of a fully automatic dosing system. During the refueling process, the configured quantity ratio is automatically supplied.

Storage container dosing medium:

  • 1.000 ml dosing bottle 1:200 000 for 200.000 liters of fuel (1 ml for 200 liters of fuel).

Manual Addition

When adding TOP TORQUE® to the company's own storage tank, it is not necessary to dose the vehicles individually by hand using dosing bottles. The tank is treated completely. When refueling, TOP TORQUE® is added to the refilled quantity of fuel. TOP TORQUE® mixes almost immediately with the fuel, remains mixed and does not settle in the tank.

Concentrates for the treatment of gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and HVO:

  • 250 ml dosing bottle 1:200 000 for 50.000 liters of fuel (1 ml for 200 liters of fuel)
  • 250 ml dosing bottle 1:400 000 for 100.000 liters of fuel (1 ml for 400 liters of fuel)

Heating oil tanks

Adjusted to the size of the heating oil tank, you will receive the right concentration. This makes it easy to add when the heating oil is delivered.

Example concentrate for the treatment of heating oil:

  • 1.000 ml dosing bottle 1:10 000 for 10.000 liters of heating oil (1 ml for 10 liters of heating oil).