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Excavators, construction machines, cranes, etc.

TOP TORQUE® can be used in all construction machinery equipped with combustion engines.

Although the European construction machinery industry is taking a holistic approach to reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact, off-road machinery, for example, is still one of the biggest polluting factors, a significant proportion of nitrogen oxide and PM* emissions. The majority of vehicles and machines used on company premises, gravel pits, quarries and similar facilities, as well as on construction sites, are equipped with diesel engines.

For all machines that require hydrocarbon-based fuels for operation, a measurable reduction in fuel and emissions is achieved after only a short time.

*PM: Particulate Matter


  • Cut back of pollutant load

  • Decrease in fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by ø 8 to 12%

  • Improvement in the CO₂ balance sheet

  • Less emission output during cold running (during inactive or limited active catalytic converter)

  • Reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂)

  • Decreased consumption of urea solution (e.g. AdBlue®, DEF)

  • Extension of the service life of soot particle filters

  • Less cost of maintenance requirements (filters, etc.)

  • Can be employed in construction vehicles of all brand manufacturers

  • Compensation of power loss when using biodiesel

Addition of TOP TORQUE®

By means of a fully automatic dosing system or with our handy dosing bottles directly into your own farm filling station, tank barrels or IBC tanks. Different concentrate strengths and bottle sizes are available. Application & Dosage