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Features & Advantages

  • Lessens fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by ø 7 to 10%
  • Cuts back harmful emissions
  • Reduces consumption of urea solution (e.g. AdBlue®, DEF)
  • Can be added to all hydrocarbon-based fuels and combustibles
  • Approved in fuel (Swiss test report available) - thus meeting the relevant specifications of engine manufacturers in a wide range of industries
  • Does not change the chemistry of the fuel
  • Can be employed directly without cost-intensive conversions
  • Allows a more complete, regular and therefore cleaner combustion (how it works)

  • Improves performance (even with 100% biodiesel) and torque

  • Decreases maintenance costs

  • Extends the life of the engines by reducing sooting

Is TOP TORQUE® a "common" additive?

In the sense of the word, yes. From a chemical point of view, no. An additive is added to a substance to modify its existing properties or to enhance them.TOP TORQUE® does not modify the fuel in any way, it simply causes a more complete combustion reaction. Nor does it provide the fuels with additional energy.