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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about TOP TORQUE®.

1. What is TOP TORQUE® ?

A bioorganic liquid catalyst.

TOP TORQUE® can be used in all hydrocarbon-based fuels, whether diesel, HVO, biodiesel (up to B100), gasoline, Super, Super Plus, Super E10, marine fuels or heating oil. The correct products for the respective area of application can be found under Application & Dosage.

2. Is TOP TORQUE® approved in fuel?

Yes, TOP TORQUE® has been proven to meet all legal requirements for fuels (Swiss test report available).

3. Is TOP TORQUE®_ a "common" additive?

In the sense of the word, yes. From a chemical point of view, no. TOP TORQUE® the bioorganic liquid catalyst does not influence the specifications of the respective fuels in any way. How it works

4. Can TOP TORQUE® be used incorrectly?

Yes. If underdosed by more than 10% than specified in the mixing ratio, the savings potential will be reduced. In case of overdosing, no damage will occur except for an unnecessary financial expense.

5. Could TOP TORQUE® damage my engine?

Innumerable customer kilometers, which were covered with vehicles of the most different industries without damage, speak for itself.TOP TORQUE® the bioorganic liquid catalyst, cannot damage the engine and its components.

6. Is TOP TORQUE®. a good investment?

Yes, because the monetary savings potential from using TOP TORQUE® is significantly higher than the initial cost of the bioorganic liquid catalyst. Our savings calculator will help you with your calculations. Savings calculator

7. How much does TOP TORQUE®. cost?

A 250 ml bottle for e.g. freight and passenger transport, with a mixing ratio of 1 ml to 8 liters of fuel for the treatment of 2.000 liters of fuel, costs:

In Switzerland CHF 50.- (CHF 0.025 per liter of fuel to be treated) plus VAT and transport costs.

8. In which containers is TOP TORQUE® available?

Our product range includes 250 ml and 1.000 ml dosage bottles. Application & Dosage

Information Packaging cycle: Used dosing bottles can be returned to us. We will then forward them properly. Thank you for your cooperation.

9. How doesTOP TORQUE®. work?

TOP TORQUE® optimizes combustion by increasing oxygen yield. How it works

10. How does TOP TORQUE® get into the fuel?

Fully automatic dosing systems

TOP TORQUE® is added to the fuel directly during the refueling process by means of a fully automatic dosing system.

Manual addition

Transport companies add TOP TORQUE® directly to their company-owned storage tanks, so it can easily be refilled through the gas pump already mixed with the fuel.

In other areas, for example, the heating oil tank is treated with practical dosing bottles with simultaneous filling of the heating oil. Application & Dosage

11. Does TOP TORQUE® affect the engine oil?

Only insofar as TOP TORQUE® reduces sooting, which is responsible for metal deposits in the oil, among other things. The up to 50% reduction in metal deposits results in significantly less wear within the engine between oil change intervals. This prolongs its service lif

12. Does TOP TORQUE® have an influence on the consumption of urea solution (e.g. AdBlue®, DEF)?

Yes, due to the reduced amount of fuel (optimized combustion), there are fewer undesirable emissions to be eliminated. The consumption of urea solution is thus reduced.

13. Does TOP TORQUE® lubricate the engine?

No, that is not the purpose nor the intention of the product.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.