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Heating oil market - industry

Industrial heating oil systems

Heavy (S) and extra heavy (ES) fuel oils are mainly used for heat generation in industry.

These oils are not suitable for use in private households, as their viscous consistency means that they have to be preheated to 60-100 degrees Celsius. These heavy fuel oils are used, for example, in heavy power plants, public power stations and district heating generation.

All these oils have one thing in common:

During combustion, vast amounts of harmful emissions are produced.TOP TORQUE® can significantly reduce these negative effects and likewise substantially increase the power yield from these fuels.


  • Optimization of the combustion process in the plants

  • Decrease of harmful emissions (e.g. CO and NOx)

  • Significant improvement of exhaust gas values

  • Less heating oil consumption and thus CO₂ emissions*.

  • Supporting measure for air pollution control

  • Less soot deposits (even 1mm of soot on the boiler walls causes approx. 4% more heating oil consumption)
  • Homogenization of the molecular structure of all types of heating oil

  • General minimization of deposits

  • Increase of boiler and burner life

  • Improvement of the environmental balance

*TOP TORQUE® reduces CO₂ emissions because TOP TORQUE® optimizes the combustion process and thus reduces heating oil consumption, i.e. less heating oil is burned.

Addition of TOP TORQUE®

By means of a fully automatic dosing system or with our handy dosing bottles directly into the respective heating oil tank.