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Heating oil market - real estate

Heating oil systems in properties, hotels, administration buildings, etc.

Many buildings are heated with fossil fuels.TOP TORQUE® optimizes the combustion process in older as well as in oil heating systems, which are technically up to date.


  • Improvement of the combustion process

  • Decrease of pollutant emissions (e.g. CO and NOx)

  • Significant improvement in exhaust gas values

  • Reduction of heating oil consumption and thus CO₂ emissions*

  • Supporting measure for air pollution control

  • Less soot deposits (even 1mm soot on the boiler walls causes approx. 4% more heating oil consumption)
  • Applicable in all types of heating oil including bio heating oil

  • General reduction of deposits

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs

  • Prolongation of the servicelife of boiler and burner

*TOP TORQUE® reduces CO₂ emissions, because TOP TORQUE® optimizes the combustion process and thus reduces heating oil consumption, i.e. less fuel oil is burned.

Addition of TOP TORQUE®

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