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How it works

TOP TORQUE® the true bioorganic liquid catalyst, participates only in a chemical reaction and is released unchanged at the end of the process. A catalyst does not change the composition of fuels, it rather positively influences the processes during combustion in the engine compartment.


Combustion is defined as, a rapid reaction, between a substance and oxygen, releasing heat and light energy.

Oxygen is the key to combustion.

Fuel (combustible substance) is a substance that reacts (burns) with oxygen, thereby producing usable energy.

Without TOP TORQUE® – Inefficient combustion

Oxygen participation is limited

A fuel burns more incompletely when less oxygen (O) participates in combustion than is required for the complete oxidation of carbon (C) to carbon dioxide (CO₂) and hydrogen (H) to water (H₂O). Among other things, this leads to the production of toxic carbon monoxide (CO).

The molecular structure of ordinary fuel is tightly bound. This means that the hydrocarbons (organic compounds of carbon and hydrogen) burn unevenly because the oxygen present cannot react optimally with the bundled hydrocarbon chains. This results in higher consumption, higher emissions, and lower performance.

The TOP TORQUE® .DifferenceOptimized combustion

High oxygen participation

TOP TORQUE® breaks down the hydrocarbon chains (organic compounds of carbon and hydrogen). This gives the oxygen molecules present the opportunity to dock with the hydrocarbon molecules, resulting in much better combustion. The result: less fuel consumption, lower emissions and more power.