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Improved CO₂ balance sheet

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a component of the earth's atmosphere. It is a natural by-product of cellular respiration in many living organisms and along with water (H₂O) is produced as an end product when carbon-containing substances such as diesel or gasoline are burned.

CO₂ is a so-called greenhouse gas, i.e. it increases the warming of the earth's atmosphere by solar radiation. The emission of CO₂ into the environment is promoted by the use of fossil fuels.

Why does TOP TORQUE® reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂)?

Every liter of fuel burned has a specific CO₂ emission. The improved combustion and thus simultaneous decrease in fuel consumption achieved by TOP TORQUE® reduces CO₂ emissions.

Reducing fuel consumption in transport is an important component of climate protection, because the combustion of one liter of diesel inevitably produces around 2.62 kg of CO₂, while gasoline releases around 2.33 kg of CO₂.