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Inland shipping

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Inland navigation is a very economical mode of transport in the transportation industry. Compared to road and rail, it has the lowest energy consumption in relation to the amount of goods transported.

Since 2019, stricter emission regulations apply to inland navigation, which relate to new engines. The proportion of emissions, first and foremost particulate matter, is to be reduced as a result. Particulate matter is a burden on people, in areas near rivers, and on the environment.

However, these measures do not close the gap with the ships that have been in service up to now and which will continue to ply the waterways for some time to come due to their longevity.

TOP TORQUE® reduces the emission burden for the affected population, reduces fuel consumption and improves the CO₂ balance. This makes inland shipping an even more attractive transportation partner.


  • Reduction of emission pollution in residential areas close to the river.

  • Demonstrable reduction in marine diesel consumption and CO₂

  • Can be used in all common marine diesel products

  • Supporting measure for air pollution control

  • Extension of maintenance intervals

Addition of TOP TORQUE®

TOP TORQUE®® can be added to the day tanks of inland vessels by means of an automated metering pump. Information on this is available on request. Please contact us.