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Ocean shipping

Container ships, cruise liners, etc.

TOP TORQUE® can be mixed with all marine fuels available on the world market, such as distillates, intermediates or heavy fuel oil.

Cruise and container ships pollute the environment heavily with emissions of air pollutants that are hazardous to health, such as particulate matter, diesel soot and nitrogen oxides. Considering that about 90% of the world's trade is carried by sea, the strict requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are necessary measures to protect our health and environment.

To meet these ever-increasing requirements, many shipping companies are looking for solutions to make their transport more environmentally friendly and at the same time more cost-efficient. In very few cases, these solutions are easy and inexpensive to implement or, like open-loop filters that scrub exhaust gas and discharge sulfur and heavy metals into the sea, they represent a new environmental burden.

TOP TORQUE® is an inexpensive and easy to implement option. The fuel savings achieved by TOP TORQUE®®®also increases the cost efficiency of the ventures.


  • Reduction of pollutant load

  • Decrease of fuel consumption and CO₂

  • Can be employed in all ships with internal combustion engines

  • Can be utilized in all marine fuels

  • Minimized of deposits in the exhaust system

  • Extends maintenance intervals

  • Improves the environmental balance

  • Supports the IMO 2020 regulation

Addition of TOP TORQUE®

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