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Passenger transport

City buses, coaches, etc.

Buses are an important mode of passenger transport, whether for ensuring mobility in inner-city traffic or for long-distance services.

However, the use of diesel-powered buses also contributes to the high pollution levels in our cities and towns. TOP TORQUE® is an easy-to-use and proven effective solution to help public operations save fuel and reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gases.


  • Decrease of emission pollution in our cities

  • Less fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by ø 8 to 12%

  • Improved environmental balance

  • Cut back of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂)

  • Reduced consumption of urea solution (e.g. AdBlue®, DEF)

  • Supporting measure for air pollution control

  • Can be used in vehicles of all brand manufacturers

  • Fleets can drive more economically

  • Improved maintenance (extension of engine life)

Addition of TOP TORQUE®

By means of a fully automatic dosing system or with our handy dosing bottles directly into the vehicle tank or into the yard filling station. Different concentrate strengths and bottle sizes are available. Application & Dosage